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List: Bands

Attention Bands --- You need
1) A cd, T-shirts, or posters to sell
2) A CD walkman to play the cd for the customer
3) In addition you are required to provide a human. This human will go down to Yonge street near Sam’s and handout program guides and words of encouragement. Tell the Christmas shopper that there is a CD sale across the street at “Reillys Restaurant”.
4) Change to sell CDs

We have only 1 tables left DEC15th

Here’s the list of final bands to be at the event with table #

Dream Aria                        01
Doug Richardson                        02
John Wilks Band                        03
Tonya Smith                        04
Nelly Shin                        05
Eddie Bullen                        06
Stumble Records                        07
King Cosmos                        08
Uncle Seth                        09
Donna Makeda                        10
The Johnny Max Band.                        11
Stratochief                        12
Delee and The Crooner                        13
Roger Gibbs                        14
Rob Sterling                        15
Lola Dutronic                        16
Black X Kmino Music                        17
Robert Nix                        18
Reign Of Terror                        19
Firefly                        20
Ossie Gurley                        21
This Table Cancelled                    22
Dope Poet Society                        23
Speak Music                        24
Fred E Fame Records                        25
Bent Wind                        26
Wikked Ackk Xplosion                        27
Poised For The Worm                        28
Curve Music                        29
Hennie Bekker                        30
Ermina                        31
Paul Hood                        32
Wild T                        33
MESSERSCHMITT                        34


Below is more info about selected artists

Micheal White

Bentwindhttp://www.bentwind.com/ Bent Wind was formed in 1969 in the Toronto, Ontario area of Canada . The original band consisted of Gerry Gibas( Guitar & vocals) Marty Roth (rhythm guitar, vocals) Sebastian Pelaia (bass) and Eddie Thomas (drums).
While only together for a short time the band recorded and released an album entitled, Sussex, in 1969 on the Trend label in Canada . The album was pressed in a very limited quantities and today there is believed to be less than 500 copies world wide.

The album quickly became one of the most sought after pieces of Canadian music and the album is now considered one of the rarist collectable albums in the world with original pressings fetching thousands of dollars on the collectors market.

In 1989 the band, now under the control of Marty Roth, reformed with new members and recorded an album called, The Fourth Line is...You Will , that was released in a very limited independent pressing. That album has also became a collectors item because of its limited availability.

In 1996, Bent Wind released their first CD, Shadows On The Wall, which is another limited edition release of only 1000 copies.

King Culture Canadiam reggae star

Ossie Gurley (Writer and producer of “Who Let The Dogs Out”

Who Really Let The Dogs Out?

It' s hard to watch a sporting event these days without hearing the crowd scream Who Let The Dogs Out followed by a frenzied series of barking noises. Several professional baseball and football teams argue vehemently over who was the first to use the popular phrase.20/20 Downtown, the Seattle Mariners were credited with being the first team to use it when they played the song Who Let the Dogs Out by the Baha Men this past summer.

But if this is true, then how is it possible that fans of the Mississippi State Bull Dawgs could be heard on ESPN shouting the same phrase over a year before the Baha Men ever released their song? This can be answered by Danville, Virginia based rapper Chuck Smooth.

It is a little known fact that the song released by the Baha Men under the name Who Let The Dogs Out is actually a remake of a Caribbean song titled Doggie, co-written by soca artist Anslem Douglas and composer/producer Ossie Gurley.

Chuck Smooth heard Doggie while vacationing in Antigua in the spring of 1998 and knew instantly that the catchy chant in this song that asked the now famous question would make a great idea for a rap song. After returning home, he licensed a sample of this phrase and wrote a new rap song that he called Who Let The Dogs Out.

Who Let The Dogs Out by Chuck Smooth debuted at #20 on Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart on November 28, 1998. The song moved quickly throughout the south and topped record pool charts in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi (where it was soon adopted by the Mississippi State Bull Dawgs as their fight song). In May of this year, before the Baha Men ever even released their single, the Chuck Smooth song was named the #12 Rap Single of the Year by Billboard (May 6, 2000 issue page 88). In August of this year, it was #1 for the state of Mississippi on Amazon.com and is currently still on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart!

The label's success caught the attention of Artemis Records who contacted Wingspan in the spring of this year and began negotiations for a distribution deal which included the release of Who Let The Dogs Out? by Chuck Smooth to Top 40/Pop radio. The negotiations continued into early summer until Wingspan learned that S-Curve/Artemis had just released a remake of Doggie by the Baha Men. They had changed the name of the song to Who Let The Dogs Out, rearranged it to make the chant more prominent and even added a rap to the end. When Wingspan inquired with Artemis about the situation, Artemis withdrew their offer.

Wingspan Records then enlisted marketing consultant Paul Porter along with WYZ GIRL Entertainment Consulting. WYZ GIRL also negotiated a production deal with Doggie co-writer Ossie Gurley who will be releasing songs on Wingspan Records in the near future

Eddie Bullen “ Hands Up”
Performer, arranger and producer on Sway's Juno Award nominated Hands Up which, as theme music for Club Med's highly successful TV commercial, went on to garner Gold for Bullen.

Steve Stumble of stumblerecords (Punk Rock)
Steve is talking about “Bedouin Soundclash” being at this table

Doung Richardson of KOLLAGE

Doug Richardson
Doug Richardson: Doug studied at the Oscar Peterson School of Music and privately with Frank Uhrin. He continued his musical education at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and then at the Dick Grove Music Workshop in Los Angeles.

Doug Richardson worked with many well known jazz musicians including Roland Kirk, Milt Jackson, and Freddie Hubbard. His varied musical background encompasses TV ( The New Generation and Black Hallelujah), radio (Jazz en Liberte), concert dates and club work. Doug also appeared at Montreal’s World’s Fair with Nelson Symonds Quartet. Doug has performed with Nelson Symonds, Wild Bill Davis, Harry Sweets Edison and Fred Anderson. He has been a special guest with Bobby Irving, formerly with Miles Davis and Perry Wilson. Also formerly with Sonny Rollins and a special guest for "The Joy of Sax" presented by Jazz Fm. 91.1

Doug is a very likable, natural guy, which is reflected in his natural lifestyle, natural hairstyle and natural approach to jazz. There’s a wealth of creativity in the eight tunes contained on his “Night Talk” album. He is equally at home playing the blues or a saucy salsa. Anyway you look at it, he’s one of a kind.

ROBERT NIX-”Pop Songs For All Of Humanity”
Featuring: “And You WantTo Be King”,
“It’s A Complicated World”, “I Need You”
More more info

Group:Dream Aria


Rob Sterling


Originally from Toronto, Sterling started rock music at an early age, singing in a Junior High School rock band.  By thirteen, he was a drummer in Teenage Kicks, a novelty band that received generous media attention in Toronto as the youngest rock ‘n roll band ever.  Once finished high-school, he spent a year at Humber College in Toronto for jazz bass and the jazz influence can be found these days in his guitar work.  While in India in 1999, he played bass in Silk Route, the country’s most successful Hindi-Pop band but as soon as he was back on Canadian soil in 2000, he set out to make a name for himself on home turf. Recently, he has become a member of the Canadian songwriting association, SOCAN.  Currently he is working on fresh recordings in his new digital studio. These new demos will fuel his new live band VIRAL SPIRAL and will be featured on the forthcoming release tentatively titled QUARAN-TEEN.          Watch for Rob Sterling’s new CD release, “NORTHERN SUN” a record that gives the Canadian music scene one more reason to be proud!

Paul Hood (Winner of “Talent Quest”)

Singer, Song writer, Paul Hood has arranged and produced music for the movies. Notable, the film “NEON” plus re-mastering Soul Strew CD with Mike Dunstun. His CD of all original works can be sampled by hitting the CD picture to the right.

LABEL: Curve Music

Driveway - "Angels"
Wide Mouth Mason  -"Rust"
Grand PM - "Redblack"

One of the label’s acts are promised to appear for autographs

Donna Makeda

Donna has garnered for herself seven Reggae Music Awards including "Top Reggae Newcomer" in 1993, "Top Reggae Dancehall DJ (female) in 1995, 1996 and 1999 and "Top Reggae Music Video (for her video "Jah Great Woman") in 1995 from the Canadian Reggae Music Awards. An "Arts & Entertainment Award" for being a cultural ambassador from her home country - Guyana in 2000, and an "Artistic Award of Excellence" from the Inter-City Multicultural School of Excellence Reading Club in 2001. Donna has performed extensively in Canada in places like Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary, also in Barbados, Guyana, New York and Jamaica.

Her song "Sweet Victory" was #1 on the reggae charts in Miami for eight weeks while "South Africa" (from her CD "Who Can Endure" released 1998) was following closely at #2. "Jah Great Woman" also enjoyed much airplay and was #1 in Miami for six weeks. The video to that single, which was done with the help of Videofact, was on high rotation on Much Music and played in countries like Guyana, Barbados and New York on selected programmes.



 LOLA DUTRONIC are Toronto-based Electronica/French Pop duo


 Producer/Remixer/Multi-Instrumentalist, Richard Citroen has worked with people as diverse as Paul Hyde (the hit single “I Want You” remix), Chris Sheppard, Top Kat,Katrina & The Waves, The Blow Up, Holly Cole.  The Sattalites, Pobi, Metal Urbain, The Barracudas, The Diodes,  Chris Houston and current European critic’s darlings, Simply Saucer.

Vocalist Francoise Hart is a respected session singer who has worked with Bob Segarini and Mashmakan as well as releasing several records of her own in Japan.

 Signed to BongoBeat Records in 2003. First album “The World Of Lola Dutronic” released to critical acclaim  in late 2004. “The World Of Lola Dutronic” released in UK through Nettwerk, October 2005, where it sells more in ONE DAY than it sold all year in Canada!

 The album has gone Top 10 at  several campus radio stations across the country, including a #1 in Vancouver (beating Fatboy Slim!) The album has also received extensive airplay at CBC Radio as well as being play listed by the Legendary Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ  in Los Angeles.

 The album has also appeared on a number of “Album Of The Year” Lists.  Tracks from the album have been featured on “THE L-WORD”,  “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”, “GODIVAS” and “PERFECT STRANGERS”

“Walking On Sunshine”, “Airport” and “Girl On A Motorcycle” have all made various DJ Pool Charts across Canada.

A second album, “THE LOVE PARADE” will be released in the spring of 2006 on BongoBeat  Records.  www.bongobeat.com   www.cdbaby.com/loladutronic

Band: Uncle Seth

Web Site: http://musicface.com/u ncleseth

From its suburban inception in 1999, Uncle Seth has never
  stopped performing its "exuberant and accomplished mix of pop, rock,
  acoustic folk, twisty grooves, tender ballads, and pretty melodies, topped
  off by·rousing vocals" (John Pigeau, PIC Press, Kingston).
  This energetic four-piece band performs uniquely fun and edgy songs in the
  vein of such influences as Barenaked Ladies, Ani DiFranco, Elvis Costello,
  Blues Traveler,  David Bowie, and Joni Mitchell. The band's strongest
  asset is its dynamic and funny live show, which never fails to infuse
  audiences with the desire to dance and always leaves them grinning.
  "[Listeners are] immediately drawn to the sweet and sultry sounds of Uncle
  Seth,ä says Mary O'Grady of TO-nite Magazine, "as well as being impressed
  by the humour and the lighthearted banter between [the band] and the
  A myriad of rave reviews for Uncle Seth's 2002 debut album Lame Suburban
  Poetry helped further the momentum of the band. Finishing third place in
  the "2003 Songs Revealed Competition", Lame Suburban Poetry was also
  embraced by the CBC, where singles such as "If I Laugh", "Little Pieces",
  and "Gentle Shove of Fate" were heard across Canada. The combination of
  quality songwriting, inspired lyrics, adventurous instrumentation, and
  invigorating female vocals made this album stand out among music fans and
  critics alike.
  Uncle Seth's 2005 EP Forgive & Forget, Volume One captures their
  distinctive live energy with three live tracks in addition to three
  studio-produced songs. Of the new release, John Lofranco (Maisonneuve and
  Vallum magazines) says, "Musically, there's all sorts of great stuff going
  on·treat [Uncle Seth] like you would treat the latest U2 album: play it
  over and over and over again."
  Uncle Seth's latest release is a single, their high-energy take on the
  Joni Mitchell classic "Both Sides, Now." After playing the song in August
  of 2005, no less an authority on cover songs than Coverville podcast host
  Brian Ibbott proclaimed simply, "that rocks!"
  The band's most recent honours include a nomination as BEST ROCK ACT at
  the 2005 Toronto Independent Music Awards, and being named Dose Magazine's
  Artist of the Week for April 11-15, 2005.

Band: Poised for the Worm

waiting for more info

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